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  • Please tell us whether you own or rent the accommodation.
  • Please indicate the type of accommodation you live in.
  • We can arrange cover for the building itself, its contents, and any personal belongings.
  • What is the value of the villa/apartment you own? App approximate will also be OK.
  • How much are they worth? These include your household goods, including fixtures and fittings that you own. E.g. furniture, TV, etc.
  • How much are they worth? These included your clothing and articles of personal use, normally worn, used of carried by you. E.g. phones, laptops, jewellery, watches, etc.

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Your home is not just the cover of walls. It is the place where the beautiful voices of your family and children are heard.

So, protect it now from any damage or any mishap with us without any complicated process and formalities.